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Feb 13, 2020

Another Episode in our Series 2020 Business Vision.

Our guest for this episode is Renee Zau, Co-Founder and CEO of <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Donation Match</a>

Renee discusses how she discovered that Businesses and Non-Profits were having challenges connecting, in their pursuit of making a better world. Handling donation requests for special events is time-consuming for both recipient organizations and donor companies alike. DonationMatch is a unique matchmaking platform that efficiently streamlines how donated items reach target audiences so both sides win.
FOR COMPANIES: Visible community engagement and corporate philanthropy are increasingly crucial to success. Community giving programs keep customers happy and engaged in ways that boost your reputation, attract customers, and build lasting relationships. DonationMatch’s all-in-one technology handles the most tedious tasks—vetting and qualifying applicants, tracking your giving, and even fulfillment—so you can achieve more with little to no effort or cost.
FOR NONPROFITS: Get "one-stop shop" access to donated goods from generous companies for silent auctions, raffles, and event giveaways. Our “common application” helps determine what you qualify for within our network and allows you to request it in clicks.