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Mar 23, 2019

Dr. Sonia Gupte (More than an MD) shares her past frustrations as a Doctor who could only "Treat Symptoms with Prescriptions and Manage Chronic Diseases" and how her life transformed completely 5 years ago after the EKAA Training in Hypnotherapy. She explains how the comprehensive training of the EKAA Hypnotherapy Foundation gave her phenomenal, impactful tools to provide effective "Healing" of the true causes of our problems. And her journey from being a "Doctor to a Healer".

Listen to her passion as she explains how EKAA Hypnotherapy transcends beyond the basic techniques generally known to us and how everyone can benefit from this phenomenal knowledge, be it Therapists, Medical Practitioners or just about anyone who is fascinated by the Power of the Human Subconscious Mind and it's ability to create massive changes in our Health and Well Being.

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