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Aug 28, 2018

Dr. Deniz Armagan was joined in the studio today by his 2 new friends, Pastor "Waxer" and his wife Cyndi from Hawaii. "Waxer is a former professional surfer who also engaged in several extreme sports like motocross, water skiing, and skateboarding. Cyndi is also a former multi-sports athlete and health enthusiast. Unfortunately, he has put his body through "hell" and as a result, suffers from a plethora of injuries and ailments. However, Pastor Waxer has an incredibly positive attitude and one of the reasons for traveling to San Diego was to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary. It was such a pleasure listening to Cyndi and Waxer share their methods for having a healthy and happy relationship. Pastor Waxer also shares his insights on inspiration from a faith-based perspective. Lastly, Cyndi and Waxer share their testimonials about their unique experiences with Dr. Deniz in relation to holistic pain management and corrective functional movement.