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Aug 31, 2018

HR Insights Hour introduces Ms. Sharὸn Lynn Wyeth – author, teacher and lecturer – sharing
Neimology®Science and her Book, "Know the Name Know the Person".

If you were able to slice your hiring time down to 15 minutes, able to solve employee relations problems in 30 minutes and able to determine an individual development plan in 10 minutes, what would it be worth to you?

In this podcast, our host, Nina Woodard, interviews Ms. Sharὸn Lynn Wyeth regarding the value of her Neimology®Science. Built over 15 years of research and based on mathematics, this science offers an understanding of information about a person that can be gleaned from their NAME.

Ms. Wyeth discusses how anyone is able to learn how to use the tool and the “short cut” to identifying talent and to employee relations problem solving it offers. Applications in HR for Neimology®Science include employee relations, talent management, internal and promotional opportunities as well as initial selection. She shares the story of her creation process, successes in the testing and evaluation of the effectiveness of the system and the validity of the system that has evolved over time.
With almost 100% accuracy, Ms. Wyeth has been able to provide detailed hiring and promotional inputs that have been validated with time and success in the job and bring quick remedies to employee relations situations that would normally take days or weeks to resolve. Offering a way to identify potential successful candidates for hire to a 15 minute process, her book and reaching out to her could certainly offer significant return on investment!