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Jan 29, 2019

We have a special 2-part show today all about Local Marketing. Our guest today is Larisa Hall of Tap Fever Studios

Larisa started Tap Fever Studios with the goal of providing opportunities to everyone and anyone who has an interest in dance.

Segment one covers how Larisa acquires new students for her many classes and how important online search has been for this part of her business.

Segment two begins with a discussion about how to go about collecting feedback. Larisa’s favorite method is through customer retention phone calls, which she says are much more effective than email because of the human touch. We also discuss how partnerships can be extremely beneficial for both large and small businesses.

In segment three and four, we say goodbye to Larisa and move the conversation towards local SEO and discuss best practices. Kevin takes us through the major 2018 Google algorithm updates and we chat about their impact on local businesses.

We also talk about best practices for local businesses to improve their online presence. From Google My Business to keyword intent, there is a lot of information that a small business owner must know. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of resources for further reading!