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Feb 6, 2019


Guests: David Conley and Nelson Del Pino

David Conley from Monterey and Nelson Del Pino from Tacoma call in to discuss how they help musicians achieve their musical goals. Both are musicians, music instructors and recording producers. Conley has regularly ranked #1 local artist of Monterey on ReverbNation. He performs five nights a week at the Sardine Factory on legendary Cannery Row and in February 2019 celebrates his 15th anniversary at the venue. 

Nelson Del Pino teaches music students globally through Skype and in Tacoma, which is about 20 minutes from Seattle. He mentions how he met Kurt Cobain once in Seattle. As a vocal coach, Del Pino helps students find their voices and allows them to develop in the direction they choose.  

Hosts: Alex Cosper and Sam Cadura