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Jun 13, 2020

Our society and school systems too often criminalize black and brown students in a way that creates pipelines from schools to jails and prisons.. This dynamic contributes to mass incarceration. Transitions programs like the ones in San Marcos at Palomar College and CSU San Marcos, share the goal of looping that pipeline back into colleges and universities. These programs disrupt cycles of mass incarceration. Listen to this show and learn more about how these programs are making a remarkable difference for young people and adults, who, lost in the legal system, find themselves, their assets, their contributing role, and their voices in our society.

Guests: Nora Kenney-Whitley, Ph.D. Palomar College, Martin Leyva, M.A., Palomar College, Nayeli Gonzalez, President, Transitions Club, and David Gonzalez, Secretary, Transitions Club.