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Jul 14, 2020

Peter Waite's engagement in adult literacy dates back to 1969 when he began tutoring inmates in a nearby correctional facility. Since then he has given 35 years of his life towards high level advocacy for literacy, including his present work as Executive Vice-President of ProLiteracy. In his history, Peter worked as the Executive Director of Washington Literacy. In 1982, he was asked to serve as the Executive Director of Laubach Literacy Action's U.S. office. Peter has served on a number of Presidential and Congressional advisory boards and twice served as the Chair of the National Coalition for Literacy. Currently, he is consulting with a number of literacy and national service organizations including the Corporation for National and Community Service. Peter had a lot to share in his one-hour with us. We are thankful to him for his appearance on the Literacy for All Radio Show. We learned a lot and were entertained by his enthusiasm and history recall.