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May 19, 2018

Ellis Lucas is an author and the president of His Heart United, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit ministry. For 24 years, drug and alcohol addictions ruined Ellis's life so completely that he himself believed there was no conceivable way of recovering enough to ever live a normal life again. Ellis's life story was...

Dec 23, 2017

We all seek answers to life’s big questions- What's my life really about? Where did I come from? Where do I go when I die? The answers may surprise you. 

MIKE MARABLE, author of "WHY AM I HERE? - A Handbook for the Human Experience.", has been a successful business executive for the past 30 years, starting his first...

Dec 9, 2017

Dr. Shuvendu Sen,MD, renowned holistic physician, author, speaker and humanitarian. We will be discussing Dr. Sen's new book, WHY BUDDHA NEVER HAD ALZHEIMER'S: A Holistic Treatment Approach through Meditation, Yoga & the Arts" (Health Communications, Inc).

Dec 2, 2017

My next guest on THE ENRICHMENT HOUR is PETER MATTHIES, founder of THE CONSCIOUS BUSINESS INSTITUTE, based in Santa Barbara, California. "We need a completely new way of doing business," says Peter, "Our current model is about accumulation - a way that is not sustainable anymore."

Nov 11, 2017

GoodCrowd.School for those wishing to do good in the world; The Rotary Club and Polio eradication in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.