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Apr 21, 2019

John Rosenfelder, originally from the Music Industry and now a Data Scientist joins Social Music Talk to explain how Music Professionals  should utilize data to maximize sales, in an era of Big Data.

Feb 19, 2019


Guest: Bret Bingham

Bret Bingham calls in to discuss how he was able to place his original music in TV shows. In the 1990s his music was played on Access Hollywood, Brimstone, E! True Hollywood Stories and MTV's Made. Bret explains how a friend in the music industry helped get his songs licensed for television....

Feb 19, 2019


Guest: Carmaig De Forest

Recording artist Carmaig DeForest, who has worked with legendary producer Alex Chilton, 

calls in from Seattle to discuss his unique musical niche of ukelele and social commentary songs. DeForest mentions his 1987 I Shall Be Released, which features the punk-flavored political rocker...

Feb 6, 2019


Guests: David Conley and Nelson Del Pino

David Conley from Monterey and Nelson Del Pino from Tacoma call in to discuss how they help musicians achieve their musical goals. Both are musicians, music instructors and recording producers. Conley has regularly ranked #1 local artist of Monterey on ReverbNation. He performs...