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Aug 11, 2020

In the 7/10 episode of This Week in Marketing, Sam and I phone into the studio to discuss the ins and outs of SEO for holistic medicine sites. As many business owners offering alternative health solutions learn, SEO is an uphill battle.

Why is this?

Well, there could be a million reasons why holistic medicine sites have...

Jun 13, 2020

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Sam and I give you a quick snapshot of the May 2020 Google Core update. As you may have read, this update is not like most of the other core updates. We believe it’s due to the mass shift in online behavior - thanks to COVID-19.

To give you an idea, the general reports are...

Jun 5, 2020

In the latest episode of This Week in Marketing, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Dyer and Tom Mumford - the two young &amp; successful owners of <a href="">Undergrads</a> – an innovative moving company based in South Carolina.

Undergrads has a different model than the moving companies...

Apr 15, 2020

Good morning San Diego marketers!

Sam and Kevin are coming to you again from home to discuss content marketing in the wake of COVID-19. As the dust settles and people adjust to the new normal, brands seem to be coming out from their bunkers and finding ways to ramp up content marketing.

In this episode, we hear some of...

Apr 4, 2020

Good morning San Diego marketers!

Like many of you out there, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change up our way of doing things at AMA San Diego. This week, Sam and I are coming to you from our home offices to talk about COVID-19 and what it means for marketers.

We discuss how brands have coped with economic...